Mobile Application Development

CORPITS realizes the importance of developing application for mobile phones. The increase in the demand for smart phones creates new avenues for developing creative apps to achieve an advantage in the market, and we look to lead the way on this front. We develop applications for all the latest smart phones that conquer today’s markets, from iPhone and Blackberry, to Android and Windows mobile devices. These apps will enable the business organizations to constantly be in touch with their customers. The clients can also be provided with immediate data by the business companies. Click on one of the following to develop apps for a platform of your choice...

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Easy to maintain

Just dust it up regularly. We work just fine from the inside


It is no rocket science to use our manuals! We keep it simple to use


Our solution is made to function in all types of operating systems

Data management

No more file hunting! Easy search of your data

Security system

No intruder can hack into our systems at all

Auto Back Up

In case of emergency, keep calm and collect your back up as that is ready


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